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Click "PAY NOW", below, to be redirected to the payment page.The next page is a secure page to enter your credit card number and contact information in case there is a question.


Please enter the Invoice number, the total amount due on your bill/statement, payment info, and the billing info and make sure to check the " I'm not a robot", section and then click "SUBMIT PAYMENT".

Be sure to enter the correct dollar amount with decimals (no dollar sign($) is needed). For example: if you want to pay $2.52, enter it as 2.52 and not 252, as this will enter $252.00. You can cancel this if needed. 

For questions about your bill : 

  • Call us at 814.238.4090. We are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4.00 pm. 

  • Email us at Email will be answered within three business days. 


Thank you for choosing to pay your bill online. 

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